2017 Has Finally Come To An End

Whatever has a beginning must surely come to an end! No condition is permanent!! The downfall of a man is not the end of his life!!! At last, the year 2017, the year of recession, the year of economic meltdown, the year of political agitations, the year of python dance, the year of insurgencies, and even the year of fuel scarcity, has finally come to an end.
Thank God, you are still alive to see the end of 2017. You are alive to see the end of all your problems. You will be alive to see the end of your enemies. You will be alive to see the end of all the charges your enemies are brining against you. As this year did not see your end, nothing, not even the ugliest situation in your life, will see your end. Your painful situation is over!
The leaders in Nigeria declared the year 2017 a year of economic recession. Cost of living become so high. Most workers were denied their monthly salaries. Pensioners could not receive their pensions. So many people could not even afford their daily bread. Some even died of hunger; while few other who could not cope with the situation committed suicide by jumping in lagoon. Young people started trooping out of Nigeria through Libya were they were even enslaved. Lucky ones among them are being deported back to Nigeria. Few weeks ago, a litter of fuel that was sold at forty five Naira was sold at the rate of three hundred to four Hundred Naira per liter, here in Nigeria, one of the largest oil producing countries in the world. It was horrible!

The ugly situation of things in Nigeria has become a global issue, so much so that during his Christmas message, the Holy Father, Pope Francis mentioned Nigeria as one of the suffering countries in the world: “We see Jesus in the children of Africa, especially those who are suffering in South Sudan, Somalia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Nigeria. We see Jesus in the children worldwide wherever peace and security are threatened by the danger of tensions and new conflicts.” Imagine, the so called giant of Africa has become a pitiable country. It’s a pity!

Nigeria is gradually become a nation of ridicule. Last Saturday, the New York Times reported that the United States’ President Donald Trump described Nigerians as people living in huts which they would not want to return to whenever they visit America. Although Nigeria is not yet included in the list of countries whose nationals were banned from entering America, yet the President of America’s statement amounts to describing Nigerians as ‘good intruders.’ What exactly is chasing Nigerians out of their countries?

The situation of things in Nigeria went so low that even the ruling party admitted that Nigeria went into economic recession. But thank God, with the end of 2017, I believe, it is all over! As the year 2017 comes to an end, all forms of recession, be it economic recession, marital recession, intellectual recession, religious recession, political recession, cultural recession, social recession, emotional recession, mental recession and even spiritual recession – is all over !

The era of injustice is over! The era of awaiting trial and denial of justice is over. The era of inter-tribal clashes is over! The era of inter-religious clashes is over! The era of illegal migration and immigrant slavery is over! The era of kidnapping and assassination is over! The era of indebtedness in over! The era of insecurity and insincerity is over. The era of privatization of public assets is over! The era of power failures is over. The era of potholes and bad roads is over.
As 2017 is coming to an end, the era of insurgencies is over. The era of unemployment is over. The era of war and political agitations is over! The era of tribal oppression and marginalization is over. The era of intimidations is over! The era of python dance and even crocodile smile is over. The era of fuel scarcity is over. The era of molding and remolding of idol statues is over! Even our so-called mumu – is over! All the ugly situations you found yourself in the year 2017 is all over!

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