Oshiomhole to complete 7-kilometer Ugoneki-Ehor road … Reconstruct Ebele Market

Edo State Governor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has promised to complete the remaining seven kilometer stretch of the Ugoneki-Ehor road before the end of his administration in November, 2016.
He made the promise at the different campaign venues including Arewa community, Eyaen, visit to the community associations In Uhunmwode, Uhi, Eguaholo-Isi and Ugoneki when the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship campaign stormed Uhunmwode Local Government Area Thursday.
The administration of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole had already built the stretch of the road from Ugoneki to Ughiehudu which linked and opened Isi communities.
Addressing the people, Edo State Governor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole said, “Well, Let me thank all of you. Today’s matter is not long. First, for Uhunmwode, you know, we started doing what we called Ugoneki road. It remains seven kilometer. Last night I called the contractor and with Godwin, we told the contractor we have approved the seven kilometer will done to connect to Ehor. So when it is built, from Ehor we can go to Esanland without following federal government road. You know that many of our people, many villages will have roads to transport their farm produce to the market. So that seven kilometer will be done.”
As part of his achievements in the education sector, he explained that at the commencement of his administration, the school fees of children was abolished stressing, “ Government provided even books for children to read in addition to beautiful classrooms. During the PDP children did not have schools. When it would be about to rain, parents would be hurrying to collect the children. Yet they collected tax from people that they wanted bring development.”
Governor Oshiomhole continued, “Godwin and I have worked together the past eight years. There is nothing we did that his hand is not hand in it. So he knows where are coming from he knows where we are going to. He knows where we intended to reach. He knows where we have stopped now. So he knows to continue from.” “Now we are working. That promise we have made we will try to fulfill it quickly so that you begin your trade because you supported me in the past eight years not only with votes but in prayers.”
While explaining that he started with building infrastructure, he said the APC candidate would continue with building more and attracting industries for the creation of jobs for the youths and hence he encouraged them to vote for APC and Obaseki in the September 10, 2016 election.

Also speaking, the APC governorship candidate, Mr. Godwin Obaseki said, “Today, I have come to give you the message that since the last eight years, have not seen what has happened in Edo? Have you not seen them with your eyes? Some people said nothing has happened. Is not that those people are blind?
Mr. Obaseki recalled, “So in the last eight what we have done is part one. We have shown that government knows how to work. We have shown that government can work and government is working. Have we not done roads, have we not done schools with red roof. So for us as government we know how to build roads. We know how to build schools. So the next part that we will start is part two which we will start in November this year. What we want to do is that, we want to continue to build schools because we know how many we have done. We know how many are remaining to be done. By the grace of God we will continue to build them. There are many roads that have not been done especially in Uhunmwode we know them and by the grace of God we will finish as many as we can.”
On job creation and training for the youths and micro-credit scheme for women, he assured the Uhunmwode people, “But the one we want to do this time is what we call empowerment. It means that if I give fish today, you will eat it. Is not only today alone that I have fed you? But if I teach you how to fish, is not every day you will be eating your fish? That is what is called empowerment. So that I can give something with you can be surviving with.”
He hinted that there will be boost in electricity power and investors will be attracted to the locality, adding that agricultural productivity would be enhanced.
Meanwhile, Governor Adams Oshiomhole says the state government will immediately commence the reconstruction of Ebele market in order to boost economic activities in the community and provide more comfort for the traders.
Addressing market women and traders during the APC campaign rally at Ebele market, Friday, Governor Oshiomhole said, “Today, as I see this market, I want to promise you. This market, we will start, Godwin will change it to red roof market; so that you will remember that one day when we were passing by during our campaign, and we saw the market, and God touched our heart to reconstruct the market so that rain will no longer disturb you.”
He continued, “By the grace of God, Edo will never go back. Forward we shall go. And we have worked with Godwin for the past eight years in government. We did the construction of all the school buildings together. We did all the roads together. This man is the chairman of the Economic Team that plans for the development of the state. He already knows how to do it. His achievements will even surpass what I have done because he will no longer have to learn how to do it. And he will continue from where we will stop.”
Also speaking, the governorship of the APC, Mr. Godwin Obaseki said, “Apart from the roads and schools that we will construct, the Governor has told you that he will start the building of the market and I will complete it. The same way you have seen red roof schools is the way you will see red roof market. Apart from building the market, if government gives you money to invest in your business, won’t the business improve? That is what government is planning to do. We want to set up technical schools so that all the youths can learn handwork after which they can be employed by the companies we are going to bring. Please don’t forget to vote for APC so that we will continue to provide more development. Thank you very much.”

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